Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We are all aware of the vast digital boom that has started at the beginning of 2016 and is still growing at a fast scale in developing countries as well. You should keep in mind the fact that almost all marketing agencies (97%) are using social media with the help of social media marketing company for promotion and advertisement purposes for promotion and advertisement purposes.

You may have an MSME business or a local shop that is struggling to get clients/ customers for their business, Social Media Marketing is just the right thing for you, in 2020. To start, the coronavirus pandemic shook the world to a larger extent and it is reflected mostly in social platforms. Social Media has seen a whopping 15% rise in user traffic due to this incident.

We all know the presence of Facebook in our daily lives, and other social media as well. Businesses belonging to small to medium-scale industries should utilize this opportunity to reach out to their customers online via Social Media Marketing. As a social media marketing company, we have a few services that you can try to start your marketing campaigns:

Social Media Marketing

Brand Awareness

Social Media is a place where people hang out to gather casual information and watch engaging content. To display advertisements in front of these audiences you need to display the benefits of your products or services in a way that blends with the trendy contents. But rather than keeping a direct sales approach, it is advised to start with awareness campaigns, where you should educate people on what benefits your customers are getting from your business.

This is an effective way to start your marketing plans. When I say Nike, the legendary Nike Logo comes to your mind. This is because the company has invested enough time and money to incorporate relevancy with their brand and business in our minds.

With brand awareness campaigns you get:

  • Business Page Reach: This will determine the fact that how many people have has seen your business benefits (spread through social content describing benefits) in their social media feed. You can Boost:
  • The number of page likes on your business page.
  • The number of page followers on your business page.
  • The number of viewers of your content.
  • Grow your business organically with potential leads.

Paid Advertisements

Paid Advertisements are one of the most effective ways to reach out to millions of people within a span of a month. Google and Facebook marketing AI is well advanced in finding your target audience based on your demographics. Here are the few options you get while running paid advertisements:

  1. Facebook Pixel will help you create prosperous click funnels while catering to your audiences from social ads to your eCommerce cart.
  2. Promote your business locally by choosing the desired advertisement radius centering your business location.
  3. Get a behavior analytics report of your target audiences, meaning you can track their activities after viewing your advertisement