WordPress Development Case Study

WordPress Development Case Study

We have lots of dedicated clients for SEO and SMM. But I am going to discuss my first PPC client in this case study. There was a client called “PicknPay”, who came to me and asked for help to run his E-commerce store. I immediately agreed to work for him as he was the first real client that I have worked for. Therefore, I was very excited to do his job.


The client had an E-commerce shop, so I was aware of the significance of SEO and SEM activities to achieve the desired ( drive traffic to the original website). So I spend two analyze the market and jot down the ideal marketing strategy for my client. I did some market research. I also ran a competitive analysis from that I did able to understand the content strategy, Engagement style, and mostly the pain point of customers.


In the beginning, When I took over the project I tried to pursue some organic approach through SEO, and the rest of my focus was distributed, to the designing part. I redesign the header and footer section of the website so that It can generate appeal to it’s traffics. For an entire month, I build quality backlinks, uploaded a few blogs, etc. My goal was to engage and entertain the traffic which I was going to drive through the paid campaign within a few weeks.

WordPress Development Case Study


For A/b testing, we have segmented the audience into these categories

– Location of the advertisement.

– The interest of the people.

– Internal and external demographics of the audience.

– Age limits of your customers.

– Audience academic type.

– Audience average annual income.

– Any other specified demographics required.

As it was a new shop we didn’t have a lookalike audience. Therefore we had to run both cold campaigns and conversion campaigns together. We also ran an email campaign for both abandoned and purchased audience. By this input, We ran four different ads. The primary goal was to generate leads So that we can understand the ideal audience for our product and then we can retarget that audience in other various campaigns. We ran the ads with an individual landing page, Our landing page was different for all four so that we can estimate the ideal design for this particular ad campaign.


Now when recalling the whole campaign, I can visualize lots of aspects that I could have implemented to that campaign, but this is how one gains experience in these. As there aren’t any particular proven methods, So, therefore, one learns through this trial and error method.

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