Shopify Marketing Solution

Shopify Marketing Solution

Shopify is one of the top preferred platforms for all entrepreneurs starting their eCommerce journey. Since the outburst of the eCommerce market in India in 2013, with the help of Shopify marketing agency Amazon and Flipkart, became the e-commerce giants processing bulk shipments of products throughout India.

Throughout the last 5 years, while most of the sellers have joined hands with the eCommerce giants, the global market saw a rise of a new platform called Shopify. The company solely targets the small-scale industries and one-man-army entrepreneurs to build a complete running eCommerce website with limited or no knowledge on website building. This raises the scope among individuals who are opening free Shopify accounts and processing huge volumes of orders by paying a small commission to Shopify.

Shopify Marketing Solution

What benefits do I get from Shopify?

Shopify is the one-stop solution for all beginners who wanted to start fresh in the eCommerce business. With a Shopify account, you get an admin dashboard with all the control for;

  1. Products & Collections – Add unlimited products/collections with images, SEO title & description, product description, and other necessary details with just a few clicks.
  2. Admin Dashboard – Dedicated dashboard for checking the daily sales report, number of orders processed, sales channels, traffic, etc., within a dedicated one-page layout.
  3. Sales & Marketing Channels – Get a dedicated view of each sales channel, where the traffic is coming from, the buyer’s path to complete a purchase, and a lot more.
  4. Inventory Management – With just a few clicks you can manage your stocks, contact your suppliers and check the delivery status of all the products that are dispatched from the warehouse.
  5. After Sales Service – Within the Shopify dashboard you can send direct emails to all people added to the cart but not purchased, send automated emails. You can also market/contact customers directly from Whatsapp and complete your after-sales activities to turn them into returning customers.
Shopify Marketing Solution

Shopify Marketing Agency

Why am I not getting enough profit even after setting up my store in Shopify?
Even if Shopify helps a lot when it comes to small-scale businesses, however, they never promise you any profit for just opening an account. Shopify provides a great platform but to compete with the market the seller should need to have robust marketing skills to compete with the large competition.

If you are already running a Shopify store with minimal or no profit at all, then get in touch with a Shopify marketing agency, Shopify Marketing Solution is your ideal marketing package. There are few steps that beginners forget to perform before starting the online store:

  • Product Research – Among millions of products across the globe, you need to research the products that you want to sell (yes, even if you are running the store locally or in your own country).
  • Profit Calculation – Calculating the product cost, packaging and handling charges, delivery cost, and profits before selling the products.
  • Niche Market – Once the products are selected, you need to find a niche market to boost sales with higher conversion rates and a high profit margin.

Getting Too Complicated? Trust Us You Are Not The Only One!

Most of our clients were facing the same challenges before they joined hands with us, A small business owner doesn’t necessarily need to afford a huge team to look for all these aspects and this is where we, a Shopify marketing agency help out. Our Shopify Marketing Solution package consists of all the features required to boost your business up to six figures within a short period.